Where to Visit in Fethiye, Muğla?

The Natural Wonders of Fethiye: A Guide to the Best Places to Visit

Fethiye is truly a jewel of natural wonder and scenic beauty, with something to offer every traveler seeking a luxurious yet natural getaway. From the dazzling blue waters of the Ölüdeniz lagoon to the hillside ruins of Tlos and the charming backstreets of the old town, there is plenty to explore and delight in. So pack your sunscreen and walking shoes, and come discover for yourself why so many visit Fethiye and never want to leave. You may find yourself extending your trip just to take in more of this Mediterranean paradise.

Exploring Fethiye’s Finest Beaches

Fethiye is home to some of the finest beaches along the Turquoise Coast, with soft white sand and crystal-clear aquamarine waters. Escape the crowds and indulge your senses at these coastal gems.

Calis Beach

Stretching for 5 km along the coast, Calis Beach offers a lively yet laid back vibe. Unwind on a sun lounger while sipping a cool drink, go for a swim in the gentle waves, or try your hand at watersports. As the sun sets, beachfront restaurants fire up their grills to cook the daily catch.

Kabak Beach

Secluded in a scenic cove surrounded by mountains, Kabak Beach can only be reached via a winding dirt road or the ancient Lycian Way hiking trail. This pristine paradise is clothing-optional and popular with campers. By day, lounge in hammocks under olive trees or explore sea caves only accessible at low tide. By night, stargaze while listening to the sounds of nature.

Küçük Samanlık Plajı

At the end of a bumpy track, you’ll find this secret sandy cove backed by pine forests. Wade through shallow, crystal-clear water over white sandbars to secluded rocky islets. Pack a picnic and spend a full day enjoying the solitude in this hidden slice of paradise.

Whether you seek a lively social scene, a peaceful escape surrounded by nature, or a perfect balance of both, Fethiye’s beaches have something for everyone. Lose yourself in the laid back beach life, stunning scenery and warm Turkish hospitality. These natural coastal wonders are not to be missed.

Discovering Fethiye’s Natural Wonders and Historic Places

The region surrounding Fethiye is filled with natural beauty and ancient history. Venture into the countryside to uncover scenic vistas, secluded beaches, and ruins that have stood for centuries.

Oludeniz Beach and Blue Lagoon

Possibly the most stunning sight in all of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz Beach features a sheltered blue lagoon surrounded by pine forests and babbling brooks. Relax on the soft sands, go paragliding off the nearby mountains, or explore the walking trails. The serene waters of the lagoon are ideal for swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.

Butterfly Valley

This secluded canyon is only accessible by boat or a challenging hike, but the trek rewards you with a tropical paradise. Lush foliage, waterfalls and massive boulders line the valley, while rare butterflies flit through the air. Set up camp along the river or stay in rustic bungalows. The stargazing at night in this remote locale is unparalleled.

Ancient Ruins of Tlos

For a glimpse into the Lycian civilization from thousands of years ago, visit the ruins of Tlos. Set on a mountain slope, the site features a well-preserved Roman amphitheater, Lycian rock tombs and the remains of a Byzantine fortress. The views of the Xanthos Valley from the top are stunning. Take your time exploring this historic open-air museum, and bring sturdy walking shoes.

Gemiler Island

Just a short boat ride from Fethiye, Gemiler Island offers a perfect escape from the mainland. Most famous for the remains of St. Nicholas Church, the island also has secluded beaches, walking paths and campsites where you can spend the night under the stars. The waters around the island are ideal for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and other watersports. Pack a picnic basket, your bathing suit and a sense of adventure.

From mountain trails to secluded islands, Fethiye’s natural surroundings invite you to discover all the wonders this region holds. Venture into the great outdoors and let the beauty of nature enchant you.

Taking in the Views Paragliding Over Fethiye

There is no better way to witness Fethiye’s stunning scenery than soaring high above the Mediterranean coastline while paragliding. As you gently drift on the breeze, a bird’s eye view of the turquoise waters and rugged mountains will unfold before your eyes.

Floating over Ölüdeniz Beach

Ölüdeniz Beach, with its sheltered turquoise lagoon and scenic surroundings, is one of the top spots for paragliding in Fethiye. After a short tandem paragliding flight lesson, you’ll launch from the summit of Babadağ Mountain, nearly 6,500 feet high. As you peacefully float down, you’ll get an unparalleled panorama of the beach, lagoon and lush pine forests below. The serenity and seclusion of this secluded slice of paradise will leave you feeling refreshed.

Soaring above Fethiye Bay

For a thrilling ride with views of Fethiye Bay and the town center, launch from a lower take-off point on Babadağ Mountain. You’ll gently drift out over the coastline, with the turquoise expanse of the bay and harbor unfolding below. In the distance, you may spot some of the bay’s picturesque islands. Closer in, the colorful shops, restaurants and markets of the town center will come into focus. Landing on the beach, you’ll feel invigorated from an intoxicating ride showcasing Fethiye’s vibrant spirit.

Whether a peaceful float over Ölüdeniz or an exciting glide out to Fethiye Bay, paragliding offers an unforgettable way to take in the region’s natural splendor. As the wind carries you over this Mediterranean paradise, a sense of freedom and escape will wash over you. Gazing at the sea and mountains from up high, Fethiye’s stunning beauty will be forever etched into your memory.

Visiting Fethiye’s National Parks and Natural Reserves

The natural beauty surrounding Fethiye is unparalleled. Lush forests, scenic beaches and majestic waterfalls abound in the region’s national parks and nature reserves. A visit to these sanctuaries of solitude will rejuvenate your senses and reconnect you with the wonders of nature.

Saklikent National Park

Only a 45-minute drive from Fethiye, Saklikent National Park is a verdant oasis in the Taurus Mountains. Stroll along the canyon rim and gaze at the churning river 300 feet below. For the adventurous, Saklikent offers rafting and canyoning in the frothy waters. After exerting yourself, repose in the shade and enjoy a picnic while birds chirp merrily in the forest canopy above.

Gizlikent Şelalesi

Hidden in the mountains, the Gizlikent Waterfalls reward those willing to trek into the forest. The main fall plummets over 100 feet into a crystal-clear pool, rainbows dancing in the mist. Picnic tables dot the area, perfect for a relaxing meal surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. For a special treat, visit just before sunset when the golden light filters through the trees, illuminating the falls.

Yakapark Şelalesi

Only recently opened to visitors, Yakapark Waterfalls remain largely untouched. Multiple cascades tumble into shallow, limestone pools ideal for swimming on a hot day. Pack a picnic basket, bring your bathing suit and spend an afternoon exploring the trails, swimming in the falls and lounging on the rocks as the sun dapples the canyon in dappled shadows.

The natural splendor surrounding Fethiye nourishes the soul. Whether strolling through ancient forests, swimming in hidden waterfalls or rafting down mountain rivers, the region’s national parks and nature reserves offer a respite from the bustle of modern life. Venture into the wild and discover the wonder that awaits.

Island Hopping Around Fethiye’s Picturesque Islands

Fethiye is surrounded by scenic islands begging to be explored. Charter a private boat or join an island tour to discover these hidden gems in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

First, visit the picturesque Göcek Island, blanketed in pine trees and home to secluded beaches only accessible by boat. Drop anchor and swim ashore to find your own private paradise, shaded by olive groves and scented with wild lavender and thyme.

Next, journey to the charming Şövalye Island, where an ancient castle sits atop craggy cliffs. Below, secret coves reveal themselves at low tide, exposing pebble beaches and tide pools teeming with life. Pack a picnic lunch, bring your snorkel gear, and spend a day uncovering the island’s hidden treasures.

For a taste of history, sail to Gemile Island, once home to Byzantine monks. Explore the ruins of St. Nicholas Monastery, climbing crumbling staircases to the top of the bell tower for panoramic views of the bay. Find inner peace walking the monastery’s overgrown pathways, transporting you back in time.

As the sun dips low, set a course for Fethiye harbor. Reflect on your discoveries over a sunset dinner at one of the fish restaurants along the promenade, featuring the daily catch and other local specialties. A perfect end to a perfect day exploring Fethiye’s scenic islands, where natural beauty and history collide in the most wonderful way.

A Taste of Local Life: Fethiye Fish Market and Bazaars

A journey to Fethiye isn’t complete without immersing yourself in the lively local markets. The bustling bazaars and fish markets offer a glimpse into traditional life along the Turkish Riviera.

Fethiye City Center and Old Town

The cobblestone streets of Fethiye’s old town are lined with shops selling handcrafted goods, spices, colorful textiles and other treasures. As you explore the winding lanes, the aroma of fresh baklava and Turkish coffee floats through the air. Peek into the Fethiye Museum to see ancient artifacts and mosaics. The town square comes alive at dusk, filled with locals chatting at outdoor cafes.

Fethiye Market

Each Tuesday, Fethiye Market springs up in the old stadium, featuring stalls of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and handmade goods. Bargain with the vendors and you may score a deal on pomegranates, figs, olive oil or Turkish delight. The market is bustling with activity and a great spot for people watching while enjoying a doner kebab or gozleme.

Fethiye Fish Market

For a truly authentic experience, head to Fethiye’s lively fish market. Located along the marina, it’s open daily from early morning to evening. Rows of stalls display the day’s catch on ice, from sea bass and red mullet to octopus and shrimp. Once you’ve selected the seafood that catches your eye, take it to one of the restaurants in the market where they’ll prepare and cook it for you.

The markets and bazaars of Fethiye offer a glimpse into traditional Turkish life along the Mediterranean coast. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds, and don’t miss the opportunity to sample delicious regional specialties as you explore these lively local spots. A journey to Fethiye isn’t complete without discovering the charm of its markets.


Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by azure waters, nestled between majestic mountain peaks. The salty sea breeze whispers promises of adventure as you stand atop a rugged cliff, gazing upon the aquamarine coves dotting the coastline below. This is Fethiye—your gateway to Turkey’s natural wonders, where verdant valleys, ancient relics, and sun-kissed beaches beckon. Let your soul soak up the luxurious landscapes and your taste buds delight in fresh catches from the fish market during this Turkish sojourn. Lose yourself amid lush trails, hidden waterfalls, charming islands, and more, then find tranquility while gliding upon thermals high above Ölüdeniz. From thrill seekers to culture vultures, Fethiye seduces with its abundance of natural beauty and opportunities for both relaxation and exploration. The traveler’s paradise awaits.

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