Rups by NLG

Hub of Energy and Entertainment…


embodies the untamed spirit of nature, yet beneath its wild facade lies a hidden gem of impeccable service. It’s a vibrant hub of energy, entertainment and culinary experiences.



Our beach club offers a relaxing atmosphere by the shore, with exclusive amenities and captivating views of the sea.

Enjoy the moments when you meet yourself.

Rhythm of Music...

From the break of dawn till the last light, Rups offers excitement, with live music performances, dancing and electrifying DJ sets that will keep the energy high.

Crazy and wonderful...

Ensuring every moment is both wild and wonderfully attended. As it evolves into a boutique hotel, this juxtaposition of wilderness and refined hospitality, accentuated by entertainment and beach club offerings, will persist and be the cornerstone of its service.

Captivating Ambience

Beach Restaurant & Bar

Begin with a picturesque breakfast, transition into a lively afternoon with appetizers, and savor crafted cocktails. As the sun sets, enjoy moonlit dancing, exquisite drinks, and fine dining. From serene days to lively evenings.


Join us for ‘Rups Sahne,’ an enchanting acoustic music night where talented musicians create an intimate, soulful atmosphere. Alternatively, immerse yourself in ‘Tunes by Rups,’ our electrifying DJ night, featuring the hottest beats and rhythms to keep you moving all night long. Whichever you choose, expect an unforgettable evening of music, dance, and pure entertainment