Drawing inspiration from nature,


will introduce its own unique twists, offering a seamless blend of luxury, sustainability, nature and entertainment. This beachfront gem exudes an air of relaxed sophistication with bohemian inspired designs. It is located across from the ruins of Cleopatra Island. Guests can delve into the historical allure of the ancient ruins, absorbing the captivating legacy.

This facility will graciously serve both our cherished hotel guests and those who those savoring the day with us.

Different experiences...

Cleo is set to offer a plethora of experiences across a range of distinct facilities. From a selection of exquisite gastronomic delights to a multitude of activities and entertainment choices, guests will find an abundance of options to suit their diverse interests and preferences.

Enchanting Atmosphere...

Cleo invites you to immerse yourself in this enchanting tapestry of nature, leisure, and excitement offering a tranquil escape with the option for moments of lighthearted enjoyment, ensuring that every guest’s desires are met.