What Can You Experience at Nautical Hotel in Fethiye?

Escape to Nautical Hotel: A Romantic Hideaway in Fethiye

Floating on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, you find yourself arriving at Nautical Hotel, a romantic hideaway in Fethiye. With rugged mountains behind and endless sea ahead, you know this will be an escape like no other. As the sun begins to set, you sit down to a fresh meal of Mediterranean cuisine made from ingredients found in nature just hours before. Later, cocktails in hand, you and your loved one sway to pleasant music and watch the fiery colors dance across the sea. This is just the beginning of the experiences that await you here.

Escape to Tranquility at Nautical Boutique Hotel in Fethiye

Nautical offers a sanctuary where vibrant nature harmonizes with the boundless expanse of the Mediterranean. Here, amidst this breathtaking setting, we ensure that every need is thoughtfully tended to.

Step into a world where authentic houses, meticulously crafted from a fusion of wood and stone, provide an exclusive sanctuary. You will find the peace and tranquility you seek and you will discharge the energy of city life onto the ground here.

  • Stroll through fragrant gardens filled with olive and citrus groves
  • Relax on a secluded sunbed and feel the calming sea breeze caress your skin
  • Indulge in Mediterranean fare at the open-air restaurant, featuring organic produce handpicked from our garden

Once night falls, cozy up around a fire pit with an artisanal cocktail in hand and gaze up at the glittering night sky. Here, far from the din and chaos of everyday life, you will rediscover the simple pleasures and reconnect with the one you hold dear.

Whether for a romantic escape or a solo sojourn, Nautical Hotel’s secluded setting amid nature provides the perfect backdrop for repose and renewal. Our oasis of calm by the sea awaits your arrival.

A sanctuary for the senses

Nautical Hotel’s location in a sheltered bay surrounded by pine-forested hills offers a feast for the senses.

  • Hear the gentle lapping of waves and rustling of olive groves
  • Smell the sea breeze mingled with citrus and pine
  • Taste farm-to-table Mediterranean fare and artisanal cocktails
  • Feel the warmth of the sun and caress of sea air
  • See vibrant hues of bougainvillea, oleander and hibiscus

A world away, yet close at hand

While providing an escape from it all, Nautical Hotel is still within easy reach of Fethiye’s attractions. Historical sites like Tlos Ancient City and Saklikent Gorge are a short drive away. For adventure, you can go paragliding, trekking, or kayaking. Blue Voyage cruises along the Turquoise Coast depart from nearby Fethiye Marina.

After exploring, return to your secluded haven. At Nautical Hotel, a warm welcome always awaits.

Indulge in Mediterranean Cuisine and Breathtaking Sunsets

At Nautical Hotel, you’ll delight in Mediterranean fare made from the freshest local and organic ingredients. Savor homegrown produce, artisanal olive oil, and freshly caught seafood on the terrace overlooking the harbor.

As the sun dips low on the horizon, painting the sky with warm amber and rose-colored hues, sit back with a chilled glass of wine or a craft cocktail. Let the melodic strains of traditional Turkish music and gentle lapping of waves soothe your soul.

  • Try the meze platter to sample a variety of small dishes like hummus, tabbouleh, dolma, and imam bayildi.
  • For mains, you can’t go wrong with sea bass, red mullet or lamb kebabs grilled to perfection.
  • Save room for desserts like baklava, Turkish delight or dondurma, a chewy pistachio ice cream.

Dine under the stars to the rustle of palm fronds and chatter of cicadas. At Nautical Hotel, Mediterranean fare is an immersive experience that nourishes the body and spirit.

Let the worries of everyday life melt away with each bite and sip. Lose yourself in the present moment, surrounded by natural beauty as far as the eye can see. Here, there are no deadlines or duties, only delicious flavors to savor and memories to make with your nearest and dearest.

Romantic Stone Houses and Bungalows for a Private Getaway

Nautical Hotel offers stone houses and bungalows nestled in a lush garden for an intimate escape. Wake up to the Mediterranean sun peeking through the curtains and birds chirping outside. Step onto your private terrace surrounded by vibrant bougainvillea and olive trees. Sip coffee, enjoy a homemade Turkish breakfast with your loved one before exploring all that Nautical Hotel and Fethiye have to offer.

Each house and bungalow is designed in a rustic yet luxurious style with wooden beams, stone walls and plush bedding. Modern amenities provide comfort while the natural setting brings you closer to nature. Lounge on cozy furniture, read a book or simply gaze at the sea in the distance. When night falls, stargaze while drifting off to sleep in your secluded paradise.

For special occasions like engagements, honeymoons or anniversaries, Nautical Hotel offers premium stone houses with a private plunge pool. Pop a bottle of champagne while soaking in the views from your sunbeds. Surprise your sweetheart with a candlelit dinner on your terrace. Make cherished memories that will last a lifetime in your own secret garden escape.

Whether seeking adventure or rekindling romance, Nautical Hotel’s stone houses and bungalows provide an idyllic setting for your Fethiye getaway. Disconnect from the world beyond and connect with loved ones in your own personal oasis. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Find solitude and serenity in a place that feels like home. Let Nautical Hotel sweep you away to a peaceful hideaway you’ll never want to leave.

Explore Fethiye’s Natural Wonders With Exclusive Boat Tours

Nautical Hotel provides bespoke boat tours to discover the stunning natural surroundings of Fethiye at your own pace. Glide across the cerulean sea aboard your private yacht to secluded bays and secret beaches only accessible from the water.

Butterfly Valley

Journey to Butterfly Valley, a hidden paradise blanketed in lush forest that is home to over 80 species of butterflies dancing on the breeze. Trek through this verdant oasis along winding trails to secluded waterfalls and natural pools for an invigorating swim.

Kabak Bay

Drop anchor in the scenic Kabak Bay, nestled between pine-clad mountains and olive groves. Take a tender to shore and hike the Lycian trail to the abandoned village of Kayakoy, a poignant reminder of the Turkish-Greek population exchange. Return to find your yacht has prepared a gourmet picnic on the beach.

Blue Cave

Marvel at the iridescent Blue Cave, illuminated by refracted sunlight dancing on the water. Swim or kayak into this natural wonder to experience the dazzling turquoise glow from within.

A private charter with Nautical allows you to craft an itinerary suited to your interests. Stop where and when you please, with a crew on hand to serve chilled cocktails and gourmet meals with a backdrop of rugged beauty. Discover secluded coves for a dip in the crystal-clear sea, try your hand at fishing or other watersports, watch the sunset from your spacious sundeck or dine alfresco under a canopy of stars.

These exclusive escapes by sea offer a window into the sublime natural surroundings of Fethiye. A private yacht tour with Nautical Hotel allows you to explore at your leisure, discovering secret beaches and natural wonders inaccessible by land. Create cherished memories exploring the scenic coastline and secluded bays of Fethiye aboard your own charter yacht.

Rejuvenate Your Senses With Wellness Activities at the Adults-Only Hotel

Nautical Hotel offers a variety of wellness activities to reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit during your stay. Start your day with an energizing yoga session as the golden sun rises over the Mediterranean. Salute the sun and breathe in the fresh sea air as our skilled instructor guides you through peaceful poses.

After exploring the wonders of Fethiye, unwind with a soothing massage at our spa. Our skilled therapists use premium organic oils and lotions to melt your tensions away. Choose from aromatherapy, hot stone or Ayurvedic massages for ultimate relaxation.

Once the sun sets over the sea, gaze up at the night sky for an enchanting astrology session. Learn the stories behind the constellations and get guidance on your life path from the stars above. End the evening by enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail at our beachfront bar, listening to pleasant lounge music under a canopy of stars.

For the more active, we offer opportunities to get out on the water. Go canoeing or sea kayaking along secluded bays and beaches only accessible from the water. Feel the thrill of the wind in your hair while paragliding high above Fethiye. Or explore secret swimming coves and snorkeling spots on a private yacht charter. Our knowledgeable captain and crew will craft an unforgettable experience.

After exhilarating days filled with adventure, repose in the tranquil gardens surrounding Nautical Hotel. Find a quiet corner to read a book, do light yoga, or simply sit in peaceful contemplation. Let the sounds of birds singing and gentle waves lapping at the shore calm your mind. Our peaceful adults-only resort is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself and the ones you love. Escape the demands of everyday life and immerse yourself in natural beauty. Your senses will thank you.


You arrive at the end of your journey, but the memories linger like the fading colors of the Mediterranean sunset. As the waves lap softly below your private balcony, you take one last look at the glittering expanse of the sea and sky – your secret haven for a precious few days. Though it’s time to return home, you know a piece of your heart remains here, awaiting your next visit. You slip the keepsake seashell in your pocket and dream of your return to this romantic escape that brought you and your love closer than ever. The magic of Nautical Hotel stays with you always.

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