In harmony with nature...

In harmony with nature...

The objective of NLG is to showcase our beliefs as a company that focuses on luxury, sustainability, quality of service, personalization, under the slogan of ‘’In harmony with nature’’.

NLG, our brand house boasting various distinctive properties each located in the heart of southwest Turkey at the crossroads of cultural and natural riches. Azure waters meet lush hills, creating a landscape that has inspired artists, poets, and travelers for centuries, offering a wealth of cultural heritage, from ancient ruins to traditional villages, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history and natural beauty.


Our pioneer properties “Perdue” and “Nautical” are boutique hotels, while “Rups” at the moment operates as a beach club that will eventually transform into a boutique hotel all located in Faralya Fethiye. A new concept named “Cleo” consist of a vibrant beach club and chick-bohemian luxury hotel will soon start to operate is   in the heart of Gokova, across the ancient ruins of Cleopatra Island.

Besides in- land hospitality business “Blue Voyage Yacht Charter”, a luxury charter company offering two luxury boats namely Perdue Yacht and La Rouge to further elevate the experience of our hotel guests as well as to those who want to travel the Mediterranean in style.


Explore the nature with NLG. Where will you go?


Embarking on a journey to discover who we are…


At NLG, we operate like a family. Our warm and inviting atmosphere mirrors the genuine care and support we have for one another. This sense of unity and camaraderie among our staff translates into a special experience for our guests as their every need is taken care of seamlessly helping transform our hotels into your home away from home. Your satisfaction is the crowning achievement of our collective efforts.

At NLG, we embrace innovation as the heartbeat of our identity. We’re not just a brand; we’re trailblazers, dedicated to crafting authentic experiences that stand out in a sea of similarity.

NLG’s unwavering commitment to quality is a promise to our guests. We believe in the pursuit of excellence, a journey that propels us to be better today than we were yesterday, and even better tomorrow.

Sutanability is the heartbeat of our foundation. It’s woven into every interaction, every space, and every meal. It’s not an effort, but a way of being for us. Transparency is our pledge. We invite you to witness the quiet undercurrents of our eco-conscious choices that course through your stay. Together, we craft a future where sustainability isn’t just a deed, but an inseparable part of who we are.

NLG brands stand at the crossroads of cultural heritage and natural marvels, inviting guests to delve into history’s embrace.

Our commitment to preserving antiquity shines through as we curate experiences to enlighten our guests about these wonders so that they can better appriciate the place that they have chossen for their holiday.